Downloading The XMan Demonstration

The XMan demonstration file (either or xdemsea.exe) is a self-extracting archive. When executed, it automatically creates the 14 files of the demonstration, totalling 318K. We recommend that you use an empty directory as the destination. and xdemsea.exe are identical except for their extensions; the .zip file is provided to insure against unwanted immediate execution upon downloading.

To insure against immediate execution of the self-extracting archive:

Some browsers do not allow you to specify a destination directory for downloaded files, and some execute an .exe file immediately upon downloading. In the case of a self-extracting archive, extracted files would be scattered among those in the current directory without warning, making it difficult to keep organized. To give users of such browsers a method of downloading our self-extracting archive without unwanted immediate execution, we've provided xdemsea.ZIP.

Choose xdemsea.ZIP (119K), then move the downloaded file to an empty directory, and change its extension to .exe. The demonstration files are extracted automatically by running xdemsea. Please check the readme.txt file for suggestions about running the demonstration.

If you don't need to insure against immediate execution:

Choose xdemsea.EXE (119K). The demonstration files, including readme.txt, will be extracted automatically when xdemsea is run.

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